Specialized logistics services for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food products.

The third partner is a company specialized in providing storage and transportation services for products that require special care, in accordance with the requirements of the Food and Drug Authority.

3rd Partner, a reliable logistics partner.

We are not just a logistics company, but a team trained to work as one to improve the logistics industry and supply chains for products that require special care. We take pride in our long history, with many years of experience and expertise in the field of storage and distribution. We have always embraced innovation and continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.

We utilize advanced technology and modern software to manage and streamline supply chain operations. If you are looking for a reliable logistics partner, there is no better option than the 3rd Partner. We work passionately and earnestly to meet our clients’ needs and help them achieve their goals and business success. We strive tirelessly to always deliver the best, ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction at every stage of our work.

Fifteen years of accumulated experience in providing logistics services.
Reduce operating costs with our warehouse spaces.
Warehouses licensed by the General Authority for Food and Drug.
Operating costs according to your specific needs, without any minimum requirement.
A specialized and outstanding team in receiving and preparing orders.
Expanded shipping network covering all the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
Monitor in real-time, and track your inventory and orders with advanced systems.

We understand that your success largely depends on the quality of logistics services and the supply chain.

Therefore, we aim to become one of the top providers of storage and distribution services in the Kingdom, by offering tailored and efficient storage solutions to our clients through:

Professional logistics consultations.

Real-time inventory and order management.

Management of local and international shipments.

Dry and refrigerated storage and transportation.

Efficient management of returns.

Performance and quality monitoring.

Start easily and monitor your operations smoothly!

We understand that relying on external sources for logistics services can be complex for your company, but our customer service is here with you every step of the way. Here’s how to get started with us:

Send us your business and trade information

Ship your products to our warehouse

Start receiving your orders

We keep pace with changes and look to new horizons with Vision 2030.

With the rise of e-commerce to new heights of success and the emergence of new requirements and challenges in the logistics arena, the third partner has begun to harness accumulated expertise, study the current market, and identify weaknesses in existing logistics. Thanks to decades of experience, we have launched a business model that combines effective logistics solutions that meet the aspirations of e-commerce and regulatory requirements, and help maintain the privacy and goals of our customers. This makes the third partner the optimal choice for anyone seeking high quality. The third partner… Better opportunities, unlimited possibilities.

We have worked to strike a balance between third-party logistics industry practices and reasonable prices by leasing spaces according to your business needs. The third partner

Better opportunities, unlimited possibilities

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