Our logistics services help improve the speed of your business, whether your end customer is a company or an individual. Our logistics services for both businesses (B2B) and individuals (B2C) target the business sector.

We strive to earn your trust by supporting and enhancing your business activities, becoming an extension of your business.


Certified and licensed warehouses

We provide storage spaces according to your needs in our warehouses that comply with the standards of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority to ensure the health and food safety of your products. These warehouses are carefully managed using advanced software for order and inventory management.

Shipping and freight transportation

We provide you with the most suitable way to ship your products, whether it’s a full truckload or a pallet, dry or refrigerated shipping. We also commit to meeting the standards of the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Health, Saudi Food and Drug Authority, and the standards of NUPCO, the National Unified Procurement Company.

Import and licensing services

Let the logistics solution experts at the Third Party handle the work for you and take on the task of obtaining the necessary permits and registering the products that need to be imported in accordance with the requirements of the Food and Drug Authority and regulatory authorities.

Boost the effectiveness of your online store, and let us help you through :


Smart storage spaces

We offer storage spaces specially designed to meet the needs of e-commerce stores within temperature ranges that meet the required quality standards for preserving cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food products to ensure their delivery in the best condition.

Automated linkage

The automated linkage service with various e-commerce platforms allows for the automatic receipt of orders and monitoring of inventory levels for each product. It also generates analytical reports that facilitate inventory management and future demand forecasting.

Order fulfillment and shipping

We receive all your store orders through automated linkage and then determine the locations of the products through the system. Our trained team then carefully prepares and packages them for shipping with the best shipping companies of your choice.

The sectors and markets we serve


Our logistic services stand out in meeting the needs of clients in diverse markets that require special care. We strive to provide comprehensive solutions to become a strong partner for our clients in their growth and business management. In line with this, we have specialized in storing products that fall under the classification of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority in warehouses where temperature and humidity control are maintained to meet the requirements for preserving product quality and safety.

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