How to effectively manage drug warehouses

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Medicines are the hope we cling to in times of sickness and pain, and drugstores  are the place we depend on to get that hope, so managing  drugstores  effectively is vital to ensuring that medications are available in the right form and at the right time.

Although the management of health warehouses requires special skills and experience, it is not an impossible task. In this article, we will talk about the basic elements that must be included in managing drug warehouses effectively to take you on a journey inside the drug warehouses in Riyadh of the 3rd partner   to  get  to know closely about This system and how it is done accurately and proficiently within our warehouse, are you ready for this journey?

What are drug stores? 

Drug warehouses  are facilities that store and distribute medicines, pharmaceutical products, and medical supplies. These warehouses aim to maintain the quality of medicines and health products and ensure their timely availability to consumers. The tasks of drug warehouse management include stock management, inventory, control of expiration dates, health control, and  improvement  of Distribution and delivery operations, disposal of spoiled and expired products.

How to effectively manage drug warehouses

The drug warehouse management requires   the application of many effective practices and systems to perform the task perfectly, and these systems and practices differ from one company to another, but we at 3rd partner work meticulously and proficiently in order to provide  drug stores licensed by the Food and Drug Authority for rent  in the Kingdom, so let us introduce you to Work system inside our warehouse.

Provide the appropriate environment

Providing a suitable environment and temperature for medicines is a prerequisite for   effective drug warehouses . The following are some of the methods used in our warehouses to preserve medicines and their effectiveness:

  • Study the temperatures, humidity, lighting, and air in the area surrounding the warehouse, by using a humidity and temperature meter to help obtain the necessary data.
  • The temperature in the warehouse is controlled and ensured that it reaches the appropriate range for the stored medicines, by using control devices to adjust the temperature in the warehouse and ensure that the appropriate degree for medicines is maintained.
  • Store medicines in an appropriate manner according to the manufacturer’s requirements in a dry, dark and cool place, and we use metal shelves to store medicines in an orderly manner.
  • Follow-up the temperature in the warehouse regularly and record it in specific records so that the temperature in the warehouse is monitored on a regular basis. We also use systems specialized in monitoring temperature and humidity to obtain notification in the event of a change in the temperature in the warehouse beyond the specified limit.
  • Strictly adhere to the standards of quality and safety and the principles of good storage approved by the Food and Drug Authority to maintain the quality of stored medicines.

Use a perpetual inventory

Continuous Stocktake is a continuous inventory process that takes place periodically and continuously in  drug warehouses , instead of the traditional inventory that takes place once a year, and in the continuous inventory the inventory records are updated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and various techniques such as Barcode and RFID system to locate products and update available quantities in real time.

The continuous inventory improves inventory management and reduces costs, as well as improving the service provided to customers and patients by providing medicines in the correct and timely manner   . Actual, validity dates, purchase and sales records are verified, and continuous inventory of drug warehouses allows for improved efficiency in inventory management, improved service to patients and customers, as well as reducing inventory gaps and reducing costs.

Show expiration dates

In the management of  drug warehouses,  the method of showing expiration dates is used by entering, which means displaying the expiry date of drugs on packages when they are received in the warehouse, in order to determine the validity period of stored drugs and avoid the use of spoiled drugs.

As for following up on the expiry date of the drug when it is issued on the invoice, it is a way to ensure that only valid medicines are used, as the expiry date of the medicine for each batch is tracked and matched with the expiry date recorded on the packages, and when the expiration date is recorded on the invoice, the expiry date corresponding to the discharged medicine is included, which It helps to monitor the expiration date and ensure that spoiled medicines are not used.

Barcode support

Barcode technology is used in drug warehouse management in a way that supports barcodes with receipt and delivery, where medicines are encoded with a barcode upon receipt in the warehouse and upon delivery to customers, and by using a barcode reader, receiving and delivery operations can be recorded quickly and accurately, avoiding errors caused by manual work.

Dealing with more than one supplier

The drug warehouse management can deal with more than one drug supplier, including manufacturing companies, by effectively managing business relationships with suppliers, including managing suppliers’ records, evaluating the quality of the products they provide, negotiating contracts and prices, following up the supply schedule, and tracking medicines In the event of problems or defects, and strengthen communication and cooperation with suppliers to achieve the overall satisfaction of both sides.

Advanced warehouse management systems and modern technology, such as the supply chain management system, can also be used to improve supply quality, reduce risks caused by dealing with multiple suppliers, and improve efficient tracking, storage and management of medicines.

Set minimum expiry dates for medications

Setting the minimum expiration dates for medicines upon receipt is an important procedure in  drug warehouse management, and this is done by defining a specific policy to determine the minimum expiration date for medicines received from suppliers, and this minimum is set according to the quality standards and internal policies of the company, and must be adhered to by a team Work in the warehouse, and the implementation of this policy is ensured periodically by reviewing the stock, examining expired medicines, and taking the necessary measures in the event of the minimum expiry dates.

Activate the monitoring program

We are working in our warehouse to activate the monitoring program issued by the Food and Drug Authority in the Kingdom, in order to easily track medicines and pharmaceutical preparations inside the warehouse, and to ensure their safety using the latest technologies and advanced tools.

Knowledge of input processes and phase

Knowing all the operations entered and staged in the warehouse system and watching the restrictions generated by these operations are important in the management of drug warehouses. Very detailed and quick for the customer, which facilitates the process of managing the warehouse effectively and knowing all the details and information at all times.

Comparing performance each year

We work in our warehouses to make a comparison between previous years at the level of one or more stores based on the invoices entered in the system, and this is usually done using the analytical tools and reports available in our warehouse management system, and through these reports it is possible, for example, to compare the quantities of medicines that were sold or purchased in Different periods of time, as well as comparing the value of these operations, and these invoices can be linked so that customers can know the invoices that were entered in certain time periods and compare them with the invoices of previous years, in order to ensure inventory control and determine the warehouse needs of medicines in an effective manner.

Provide inventory report as per validity dates

The inventory report is made according to the expiration dates of the shipment in  drug warehouses  by entering the current day’s date and searching for all items that have expired expiration dates or expire in the specified period. This inventory is usually done regularly to ensure that there are no items that have exceeded their validity dates and have been removed. of inventory, and when making the report, each of the following data is displayed:

  • Product Name.
  • batch number.
  • Currently available quantity.
  • Expiration date.

Medicines are usually categorized according to their nearest expiry dates so that items that expire in the specified time period appear first, and this report helps identify medicines that need to be rearranged or removed from stock completely.

Generate a report of drug quantities

We are working on creating a report of low drug quantities by store by implementing the following steps:

  • Open the warehouse management system and select the store for which you want to generate a report.
  • Choose the classification of the drugs that you want to include in the report. The drugs can be sorted by code, trade name, manufacturer, expiration date, or quantity available.
  • Determine the minimum quantity of available drugs, which is determined based on the warehouse policy and which includes the quantity needed to maintain a continuous stock.
  • Execute the report and display the results related to drugs that need to be restocked or resupplyed to avoid stock shortages.

In this way, the warehouse management can monitor the stock of medicines, check for low quantities and take necessary return actions in time to avoid stock shortages.

Tips to help you choose the right drug store

If you are looking for a specialized drug warehouse that contributes to the success of your business, the following tips will help you choose the right warehouse. These tips are:

  • Ensure that the warehouse is licensed by the competent official authorities and that it conforms to health standards and local laws.
  • Finding a warehouse that has modern infrastructure and technologies to manage inventory and control expiration dates for medicines.
  • Ensure the availability of advanced protection and security systems to maintain the quality of medicines and prevent tampering with them.
  • Checking the experience of the work team in dealing with pharmaceutical materials and the ability to deal with orders and shipments accurately and effectively.
  • Checking the warehouse’s record in providing technical, logistical and delivery support services to customers quickly and effectively.
  • Ensure the existence of advanced reports and systems for inventory management and follow-up of logistical operations accurately and effectively.
  • Reviewing the evaluations of previous customers and ensuring the reputation of the warehouse in the market and the extent of customer satisfaction with its services.
  • Ensure that strict safety and security procedures are in place in the warehouse, such as those necessary to maintain the safety of stored medicines and fire prevention
  • View warehouse records and know the level of service and quality it provides to customers.
  • Ensure the existence of a sanitary waste management system in the warehouse, in order to avoid environmental pollution.
  • Find a warehouse that follows environmental and social sustainability principles, such as using renewable energy technologies and hiring local staff.
  • Ensure the availability of additional services provided by the warehouse, such as delivery, customs clearance, insurance and guarantees.
  • Looking for a warehouse that provides periodic and transparent reports on stock status, daily operations, losses and profits.
  • Ensure the availability of a trained and qualified staff to manage the warehouse, in order to maintain the quality of service and prompt response to requests and complaints.

In conclusion, drug warehouse  management  is a very sensitive and important issue, as it relates to human health and safety, so maintaining drug expiration dates, controlling temperature and humidity, and controlling drug quality are critical factors in managing warehouses effectively, and in order to achieve this goal, it requires The matter is to work seriously and take advantage of modern technology and the continuous updating of the warehouse management system, in addition to training employees to deal with medicines safely in accordance with international standards, which is what happens inside our warehouse in the 3rd partner.

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